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Invitation to the Defense of Masha Godovannaya

Event Label
Defense PhD-in-Practice
Organisational Units
Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Location Description
Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Room Turm 2, DG06

The PhD-in-Practice program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna kindly invites you to the defense of Masha Godovannaya´s dissertation project Queer Partisaning: Traces of Queer Relationality as Cinematic Errantry.

The Examination Panel is made up of: Mag. Dr. Moira Hille (chair), Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Anette Baldauf (first supervisor), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Renate Lorenz (second supervisor Betreuer) and Kim Knowles (external appraiser, Aberystwyth University).


My PhD artistic inquiry Queer Partisaning: Traces of Queer Relationality as Cinematic Errantry centers around the concept of queer relationality and frames experimental cinema as an aesthetically potent realm where queer relations can sprout, be practiced, visually experienced, and aesthetically traced through, with and as filmmaking, and through, with and as films. I see my inquiry – cinematic errantry through queer relationality – as a rhizomatic thought where qualitative social science research, refunctioned auto\ethnography, queer theory, and experimental cinema are intertwined and stitched – or rather montaged – together into a dense weave with and through methods of post-qualitative inquiry, decolonial and queer approaches. 

Short biography

Masha Godovannaya (born 1976, Moscow, USSR/Russia) is an experimental filmmaker, queer-feminist researcher, curator, and educator. Approaching art production as artistic research and collective action, Masha’s artistic and scholarly practices draw on combinations of approaches and spheres such as moving image theory, experimental cinema, and DIY video tradition, social science, post-soviet/postsocialists studies, queer theory, and decolonial methodologies.

The defense presentation will be in English Language and will take place in room DG 6.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.