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Impact of Arts – Sustainable Colours Workshop

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Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Aktsaal

In cooperation with the paint producer Royal Talents the Academy is trying go get one step closer to a sustainable art production. Royal Talents is committed to creativity, innovation and taking significant positive steps towards a greener way of life and making art.

More and more art academies in various countries are removing solvents from classrooms due to the impact they can have on students’ and educators’ health and the environment. This has meant that fewer students are now working with oil paints during their studies. We feel this is a worrying development in the art world in terms of classical skills being lost, since oil colours have been used for centuries.

Within the workshop at the Academy, Royal Talents introduces COBRA, a new generation of paint for a healthy environment. Our mission is to use creativity to make the earth more beautiful, cleaner, more sustainable and more inclusive. Join Katja van Strijk from Royal Talents for an informative and revealing look into the history of oils painting, the working properties of the medium, and what goes into making an oil paint water mixable. Included will be a hands-on demonstration and workshop for the participants of how Cobra mixes with water, and how you can mix them with traditional oils and maintain their water miscibility. Also see how using Cobra Mediums can enhance the overall painting experience.

The workshop can be conducted bilingual (English / German).

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