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Final steps: Submission of your Ph.D. thesis

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Coffee Table Talk
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Online via Zoom

How to submit my dissertation or Ph.D. thesis? What exactly is meant by revocation application in AkademieOnline? What has this to do with the planned publication of my dissertation thesis? Makes a plagiarism check sense? How and when to register for my defense?

We kindly invite you to our following Coffee Table Talk to answer these and all other questions about submitting your dissertation or Ph.D. thesis and the defense. This talk takes place on January 18, 2024, from 3-6 pm. Andreas Ferus (Library), Alexander Meitz (Registrar's Office; Doctoral Studies), and Sabine Priglinger (Center for Doctoral Studies) will answer your questions around topics like formal submission, Open Access, revocation application (so-called "Sperrantrag" in AkademieOnline), or registration to your defense. Furthermore, we want to offer you space to (re-)connect and exchange with your colleagues after the holidays.

The Coffee Table Talk will be held as an online event.

Meeting-ID: 610 3106 0308
Kenncode: @3*#30

No registration needed.

If you have any further questions, please contact at any time.