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In der Schwebe. Michelangelo und die Daimonologie des Akts

Marc Michael Moser
Research Grantee Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2015/16


The "construction" Michelangelo is questioned based on the concept of "limbo" - as an antonym for "severity" - starting by the alleged first work after an engraving by Martin Schongauer. This alleged first work - “St. Antony tormented by Demons” - is the initial point for far-reaching reflections. The symplegmatic structures in Michelangelos later works for example indicate a conceptual adaption of Schongauer. Between formal analysis, anthropology, philosophy, psychoanalysis and visual culture the focus lies on the phenomenon of surface respectively the graphic texture. The line borders and disposes the figures to each other. But at the same time it points out the intermediate region, the place of contact: At the skin or rather as skin. That might be the only way to think about Michelangelo today.


born in 1987 Leoben, Styria, Austria
2006 – 2015: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, University Vienna and University Basel
since 2010 specially focused on theoretical and philosophical questions based on the artistic practice
2011: Diploma (Academy of Fine Arts / University Vienna)
2013: BA (History of Art, University Vienna)
2015: MA (History of Art and Visual Culture, University Basel)
since 2012: PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Elisabeth von Samsonow / Arno Böhler)