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Spatial and Temporal Transformation of a War Zone: Dispossession of a Habitat within the Kurdish Territories

Rojda Tugrul
Research Grantee Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2022

The research project seeks to analyse the effects of war on ecological and cultural heritage within the socio-political framework of Kurdish territories.
The work is rooted in the ongoing conflict in eastern and southeastern Turkey, analysing its consequential influence on ecological habitats.
Whilst examining the spatial and temporal transformation and deterioration of the habitat as a trace of change in the culture and collective psyche of society, the research project also explores the politics of art, the autonomy of artistic representations, and the power of images.

Short bio

Rojda Tugrul is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Vienna, whose practice focuses on the notion of identity in relation to space and time.
Rojda holds an MSc in Veterinary Studies and is in the process of writing her dissertation as a Ph.D. candidate in the Practice Program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Study program:
Ph.D. in Practice

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Shahrzad Mojab