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Crip Modes of Artistic Research

Eva Egermann
Research Grantee Academy of Fine Arts Vienna | Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2023


In my PhD project "Crip Modes of Artistic Research" I trace social movements around "disability" in changing historical spaces. The aim is to show alternative narratives, strategies of appropriation and connecting lines with artistic means, among other things. The work pursues a transdisciplinary viewpoint, approaches “Disability Studies” from an artistic perspective and creates socio-historical as well as theoretical references. It produces discursive medias, spaces and formats, including a regularly published magazine (Crip Magazine) as well as other artistic formats.

Short biography

Eva Egermann (b. 1979, lives in Vienna) is an artist based in Vienna. Her artistic and textual practice revisits activist movements and various subcultures across time, and reworks the categories and political conditions of ability and nonconforming bodies. In 2012, she initiated Crip Magazine, a self-published magazine project. In 2021, she organized the ›Anti Stigma‹ Crip Convention at Belvedere 21, Vienna. Together with the filmmaker Cordula Thym, Egermann produced the docufictional TV-Show and experimental short film called C-TV (When I Tell You I Like You…). In 2023 they received the Diagonale Award for Innovative Cinema (for C-TV). Her recent exhibitions include Bergen Assembly, various venues, Bergen (2019); KISS, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, (2020–2021); If Time Is Still Alive, Camera Austria, Graz (2021); Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart (2021); Total Museum Seoul, South Korea (2022); and 17th Istanbul Biennale (2022).

Study program:

Anette Baldauf and Renate Lorenz