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Six Formats

Project leader:
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein (IKW)

Project team:
Ingrid Cogne (Feb. 2015 – June 2018)
Julia Hölzl (Nov. 2016 - Dec. 2017)
Tobias Pilz (Jan. 2016 - April 2018)
Elske Rosenfeld (April 2015 - Feb. 2017)

Funded by:
FWF - Austrian Science Fund | PEEK (AR291)

FWF | PEEK project
led by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein and Ingrid Cogne, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Duration: 1.2.2015 – 30.6.2018

The arts-based research project Six Formats built on six selected formats commonly used in relation to the presentation, communication, and circulation of knowledge in arts-based research: publication, lecture-performance, exhibition, symposium, screening, and workshop.

Six Formats responded to the increasingly academized field of arts-based research with practices that are/can be process-oriented. With a multi-layered research, Six Formats aimed to bring and keep focus on the ways in which arts-based related knowledge performs and is performed.

The notion “format” qualifies spaces (settings/containers), moments (events/encounters), tools (codes/means) that are commonly created/used to publicize (validate/disseminate) arts-based related knowledge.

Publication, Exhibition, Symposium, Lecture-Performance, Screening, and Workshop are notions that activate representations, perceptions, understandings, behaviors, and expectations. They come from/are developed/can be found/perform in various fields of activities, also other than art.

Six Formats questioned “format as tool”, “format as meeting”, and “format as event”.

Six Formats approached each of its formats as context, method, object and, above all, knowledge.

with: Ingrid Cogne, Aron Kullander-Östling, Achim Lengerer, Patricia Reed, Elske Rosenfeld, Tomás Ruiz-Rivas, at Scriptings, Berlin, Germany.

with: Freja Bäckman, Ingrid Cogne, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Gerardo Montes de Oca, Elske Rosenfeld, Attila Tordai-S., at Transit Cluj, Romania.

brought together Ingrid Cogne, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Corina Oprea, Elske Rosenfeld, Tobias Pilz, Klaus Schafler with Peter Böhm, at Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria.
The exhibition Schallwirkungen auf Mensch und Tier was on display at the Kunsthalle from July 6th to July 21st 2016 and Format Exhibition - Schallwirkungen auf Mensch und Tier is exposed on Research Catalogue.

With: Paula Caspao, Ingrid Cogne, k.g. Guttman, Tobias Pilz, Noémie Solomon, at Artexte, Montreal, Canada. Creation of a Lecture-Performance folder and of Lecture-performance : Mode d'emploi = Lecture-Performance : Guidelines.

In October 2017, the first working week for the format screening took place With: Rebecca Arthur, Ingrid Cogne and Rafal Morusiewicz, at Workspacebrussels in order to conduct research with Monokino.

With: Ingrid Cogne, Igor Dobricic, Tobias Pilz, Charlotta Ruth, at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Please visit Six Formats on Research Catalogue and download the research project portfolio .

Object of Communication

The Object of Communication is a visualisation/materialisation/ illustration of the matrix of Six Formats and an opportunity to practice the knowledges, articulations, questionings, and reflections inherent to the arts-based research project Six Formats .

As “re/search”, for Ingrid Cogne, is analyzing the doing while being in the doing, the Object of Communication invites for the mise-en-jeu of its components and the manipulation of their relations. The Object of Communication is a tool, an artwork, and a publication that aims at going further than a book.

The three booklets CO- , Moments of , and Tension Elasticity Suspensio n are components of the Object of Communication . This series on transversal themes that appeared to be central to the research project is published in For and By Six Formats (ISBN 978-3-200-05803-3).

For information, please contact Ingrid Cogne via .