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From Army Stories to Community Heritage

Project leader at the Academy:
Anamarija Batista (IKW)

Overall project leader:
Antonia Dika (The University of Art and Design Linz)

2 years
extended until 31.10.2024

Funded by:
FWF – Austrian Science Fund | Top Citizen Science (TCS114)

FWF | Top Citizen Science
led by Anamarija Batista, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Duration: 1.5.2022 – 31.10.2024

The project will investigate the question of the perception of both infrastructural conditions and social relations on the Adriatic islands during the period of Yugoslav socialism and self-government. This research trip will be carried out in cooperation with selected protagonists from the tourism sector on the one hand and from the military sector on the other.

The following questions will be discussed: How did tourists from Warsaw Pact countries and tourists from NATO Pact countries experience the Yugoslav coast and how did their encounters go? What was the perspective of the Yugoslav tourist and what was the one of the local population? What was the period of military service or military work on the Adriatic Sea characterized by? What were the points of contact between the two areas? Together with tourists and soldiers from that time we will follow the trace of a past era through the space, which on the one hand was organized as a strategic point in terms of defense, and on the other hand was thought of as a recreational and social time.