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Fine Arts for the study year 2022/2023

Admission Examination

Due to the Covid19 situation, the entire examination process takes place digitally. The personal presence of applicants in Vienna is not required at any time during the examination.

Please read the entire information text carefully!


1. Online-registration

7 March 2022 / 10am to 24 March 2022 / 12 noon CET exclusively at

Registrations for the entrance examination via email are excluded and will not be answered or taken into account.

As part of the online registration, the specified data* of your valid passport must be used

*(First and Last name, date of birth etc.)

If desired, the artist name can also be specified in the "Artist name" field.

In order to specify the artist's self-assessment, one of the following three Studio Groups must be selected as part of the online application.

Painting: includes the studio practice of Abstract Painting (Prof. Eichwald), Expanded Pictorial Space (Prof. Richter), Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques (Prof. Schwarzwald), Figurative Painting (Prof. Ruyter), Contextual Painting ( Prof. Stokou ), Drawing (Prof. Dirnhofer)

Sculpture: includes the studio practice of Sculpture and Spatial Strategies (Prof. Issa), Art in Public Space (Prof. Hahn), Expanded Pictorial Space-Action (Prof. Huemer), Object-Sculpture (Prof. Göthe), Sculpture and Installation ( Prof. Schultz )

Media: includes the studio practice of Conceptual Art (Prof. Grzinic), Art and Digital Media (Prof. Ruhm), Art and Film (Prof. Heise), Art and Photography (Prof. Guttmann), Performative Art (Prof. Dertnig), Video and Video Installation (Prof. Margreiter)

After completing the online registration, all applicants will receive a confirmation of registration by email, which contains the registration number and the link with all information for uploading the digital portfolios (enter valid / active email address, check spam folder). The registration number is required in the further course of the application.

Your registration number is essential for the further application process; please make a note of it carefully.

2. Submission of work samples/portfolios only digital by upload possible

from 7 March 2022 / 10am to 24 March 2022 / 12 noon CET

The digital submission of the work samples is only possible after successful online registration and receipt of the registration number.

The portfolios can only be submitted digitally via upload. The registration and / or submission of work samples / portfolios by e-mail are excluded, as is the personal submission of physical folders / work samples, USB sticks or other data carriers.

Work samples / portfolios sent by email will not be considered.

Work samples/portfolios - recommendation :

The work samples serve to demonstrate the ability of independent artistic thinking and working.

It is expected that the applicants submit independent artistic works that show certain interests, implementation skills, motivations and ways of working.

The selection of the works should be made on the basis of one's own artistic work practice. It is recommended to only submit works that have been created at school or various art-courses if they support your own artistic position.

Requirements digital portfolios

  • The name and registration number must be given on the first page of the file.
  • Submit a portfolio in pdf format with a maximum size of 50 MB.

Links to videos / audio material must be included in the portfolio (links to clouds, YouTube, websites, etc.). If necessary, do not forget to state the password. Applicants are responsible for the functioning of the links. If links do not work, the applicants will not be contacted on our part.

  • The portfolio can be designed according to your own ideas (maximum size 50 MB).
  • The file name of the portfolio file should be as follows: Registrationnumber_Lastname_Firstname (example file name: 0123_Miller_Anne)

3. Viewing of submitted works by the Board of Admission

25 March to 4 April 2022

Based on the applicants' artistic portfolios, the Board of Admission decides which applicants will

be invited to the 2nd part of the entrance examination.

4. Announcement of the preliminary result

8 April 2022, from 1pm CET

All applicants will be notified by email about the preliminary result and the list of those invited to take the entrance examination will be published at the Academy's official notice board.


1. Oral Examination by zoom video conference

The oral examination consists of an examination task and a personal interview with a professor and his / her staff. Possible contents of the interview include the artistic work that was created as part of the exam, the submitted portfolio and the applicant's artistic practice. The interview will last about 20 minutes. The examination task and the date for the personal interview will be sent to the applicants by email on 29th April 2022 between 10am and 4pm CET.

Personal interviews with invited applicants will only take place digitally on the following days:

16 May 2022, 9am to 5pm CET

17 May 2022, 9am to 5pm CET

18 May 2022, 9am to 5pm CET

(19 May 2022, 9am to 5pm CET/ alternative date in the event of technical problems)

Please keep these days free for the interview that takes place. Due to the high number of applicants, we cannot take individual appointment requests into account.

2. Announcement of the examination task and the dates of the personal interviews

The examination task, the dates and the invitations to the personal interviews will be sent to the invited applicants by email on 29 April 2022 between 10 am and 4 pm CET.

The examination task, the personal (digital) interview and the portfolio uploaded as part of the application part 1, form the basis for the decision of the Board of Admission on admittance to study.

3. Announcement of the final result

24 May 2022 from 1pm CET

All applicants will be notified by email and the list of applicants admitted to study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will be published at the Academy's official notice board.


Institute for Fine Arts /

Student Welcome Center /

E-mails with questions, the answer of which can already be found in the tender text, will only be answered with reference to the info text on the website.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna supports the application of people with disabilities and strives to create an admission examination as accessible as possible. Applicants may contact the responsible person, Christina Fasching in the Student Welcome Center with their questions: .