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Prizes for artistic final theses

The Art Prize Jury awards annual prizes for artistic diploma/ final theses.


After all nominated artistic works have been viewed, the jury meeting takes place and the following prizes are awarded:

  • 10 x Appreciation Prize (1,500 Euros)
  • 1 x Prize of the Friends of Fine Arts (2,000 Euros)
  • 1 x Prize from the Academy (3,000 Euros)

Nomination & Jury

The institutes make the pre-selection of theses that are considered worthy of an award. The basis for the maximum number of theses that each institute can nominate is the number of diploma theses or final theses graded "very good" per field of study in the academic year. Each institute can nominate one-third of these theses per field of study.

A jury will inspect the nominated diplomas on two dates - at the end of January and the end of June: The date in January will be used to view those diplomas that could not be set up again in the summer. No decisions on the awarding of prizes are made at this meeting. A further inspection will take place at the end of June, followed by the jury meeting.

Füger Prize

In addition to these prizes for graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Art Prize Jury also awards the annual Füger Prize for 1,500 Euros. Students of all artistic disciplines are entitled to submit one work each.

Without exception, the works must be hand drawings and may not exceed the format 1m x 1m. Cyclical works and painterly works on paper are not permitted. If sketchbooks are submitted, it must be recognizable which page (left or right) is meant. Registration takes place at the secretariat of the respective institute. The exact deadline for registration will be posted at the respective institutes.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will take place during the end-of-year celebrations of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Registrar's Office
Nina Musey
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Vice-Rectorate for Art | Teaching
Mag. Bianca Zaki
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