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Student Assistance Fund

With the support fund, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna would like to offer financial assistance to socially disadvantaged students from third countries*, stateless persons, persons entitled to subsidiary protection and convention refugees and therefore provides a sum from the proceeds of the annual Academy Auction. The support fund is allocated annually by the Vice-Rectorate for Arts | Teaching.

Application period

Submission period yearly mid of March to mid of April

An application is only possible via To use our submission system you have to register once (if you do not have access yet) - please use your address to identify yourself as a student. Login is not possible with the AkademieOnline password, as this is a separate system.

Terms and conditions of participation

  • Actively running a regular diploma, bachelor or master program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
  • Citizenship of a third country* or stateless persons, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and Convention refugees.
  • Social need.

* Except all member states of the EEA as well as Switzerland and the United Kingdom (the EEA includes the 27 EU-member states and the so-called EFTA-states Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway). Exchange students and dual citizens of an EEA member state (incl. Switzerland, United Kingdom) do not qualify for this grant.

Required submission documents

1 Application (Upload in one PDF, max. 10 MB)

  • Valid photo ID (identity card, passport or similar).
  • Biographical information in the form of a tabular curriculum vitae.
  • Confirmation of study period.
  • Proof of Study Success (available via Campus Online - Studies - Studienerfolgsnachweis):
    • Examination activity of the last two semesters.
    • If you are still at the beginning of your studies, please submit the examination activity of the courses you have taken so far and the courses you are currently enrolled in.
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, addressing social need, previous academic success, and motivation for study.
  • Consistent and continuous bank account statements for the last three months.

2 Meldezettel als PDF

It is possible to apply for both the 2nd Year Scholarship and the Student Assistance Fund. Please note, however, that only one of the two scholarships can be awarded to you. The payment depends on the jury decision for the 2nd Year Scholarship in December. We ask for your understanding that payment for both scholarships can only be made in January.

Only applications with complete information and documents that meet the above criteria can be considered. Please note that the submission deadlines must be strictly adhered to; applications submitted late or incomplete cannot be considered.


    Contact and information

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