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Valentina Triet

En email exchange with Barbara Pflanzner, Studio at Creative Cluster, June 2023

What kind of work have you been able to do during the program year, what did you work on, and what are you currently working on?

During my stay at the Creative Cluster, I have had the opportunity to work on various things. I’m currently preparing an exhibition at a new Offspace in Berlin. This space is organized by Samuel Bich and Philipp Farrar, whom I met during my studies with Heimo Zobernig. At the beginning of the fellowship, I did a lot of reading and was very happy that the studio was accessible 24 hours a day.

To what extent has the studio in the Creative Cluster helped you in realizing your artistic work?

The studio at the Creative Cluster has been very helpful so far. I´ve shared my studio only with Julia Znoj, and have therefore been able to work quietly. We often cooke together and spend our breaks in the garden.

In your application for the Studio Program, you stated that the interdisciplinary exchange in the Creative Cluster would be interesting for your own artistic practice. Have you benefited from it?

Yes, I have had a good exchange with the people who have their studios on the same floor.

What do you have planned after the Studio program?

Julia and I are currently looking for a studio together for the time after the Studio Program. The exhibition in Berlin will take place in the fall of 2023, so I will continue to prepare for it. After that, I’m going to start researching documentaries in the art field together with the writer Shivangi Mariam Raj.