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Anna Spanlang

Anna Spanlang studied fine arts with Dorit Margreiter and Constanze Ruhm at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and in Mexico City, before that she studied theater, film and media sciences in Vienna. From 2013 to 2015 artistic director of the international youth media festival Youki. Collaborations with FC Gloria, Mala Sirena Choir, Klitclique and Green Scream with G-udit as well as collaborations with Bernd Oppl, Liesa Kovacs and Katrina Daschner.

"Anna Spanlang’s works seek to limn a poetics of the ordinary while underscoring the political dimension of an everyday life in which community, friendship, and feminism are actually lived and not just discussed. Her films, full of sharp wit and loving care, are based on a very specific editing and hence reinterpretation of the autobiographical video material she recorded on her mobile phone in the last ten years." (Anne Faucheret)