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Pia-Veronica Åström

Pia-Veronica Åström studied abstract painting with Erwin Bohatsch at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 2015-2021. In her artistic approach she works through painting and sculpture with a vast range of multi-facetted materials both artificial and organic, often in combination with found objects and recycled painting failures. Process, artistic impulse, color and depth, the sensory attributes of materials and surface are central aspects to her works. Underlying themes are the fragmentation and the boundaries of the body, psyche and image towards space. It is being explored, to herself, in ways almost disguised, allowing imagination and the unconscious rule the outcomes. She unravels the notion of “subjective space” by using temporal situations that she within the present perspective only can access through memory and reconstructs past experiences into spatial settings. The quest and the search for how the deeply personal can visually translate into an universal ground of resonance is crucial to her practice.