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Jasmin Hagendofer

Jasmin Hagendofer is a Vienna-based contemporary artist, filmmaker, and curator with a penchant for intertwining diverse artistic mediums. Her body of work is expansive, spanning from performance art, video art, to sculptural settings, often incorporating a blend of mixed media. Rooted deeply in her projects is a strong connection to the current political zeitgeist, an unwavering commitment to feminist perspectives, and a profound exploration of gender identity. As the co-founder and director of the Porn Film Festival Vienna, Hagendofer seamlessly harmonizes feminist and queer theories with art and erotica, carving a unique niche for herself in the world of art. Among her notable achievements is a TEDx talk delivered in Vienna, where she elucidated the environmental merits of quality pornography. Additionally, her films, including "Fudliaks!" and "Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress," have been showcased at various international venues, testament to her global resonance in the contemporary art scene.