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Željka Aleksić

Željka Aleksić studied Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Ashley Hans Scheirl while graduating with Despina Stokou. Lately, she has been expressing herself through painting, performance, and performative sculpture, focusing on the insecurity faced by working women in uncertain work conditions.

In her diploma Das Kapital 2017-2023, she examines the economic situation of being a student of a prestigious University such as the Academy, given that she comes from a working family and a so-called third-world country. Her diploma, therefore, asks the question of how much it costs to become an artist.

In 2023 she received the Prize of the Academy for her diploma work, in the same year she received the recognition prize from Kunsthalle Wien 2023 and was selected for the fellow program Academy Studio Program at Creative Cluster. She is finalist of the Dimitrije Bašević Mangelos Award 2023 in Seriba.