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The art of Instagram: How do I present my work and build my community?

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Lecture (German)
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Conference room

A Lecture by Dani Terbu

In this 1.5-hour lecture, we will explore the personal branding aspect of Instagram and learn, how artists can best use the platform to showcase their work and increase their reach.

The Lecture will be held in German.
Participation is free of charge. However, I ask for registration by 4/19 (

The contents

  • Introduction to Instagram: How does the platform work and what features are there?
  • Goal setting: what do you want to achieve with your Instagram account?
  • Creating a profile: How do you create an engaging profile with an interesting bio and a profile picture that represents your art?
  • Creating posts: How do you create engaging and meaningful posts? How do you find the right format for the content you want to share? How do you create a meaningful caption and use hashtags, geotags, and people tags?
  • Increase reach: How does the algorithm work and how do you increase your reach on Instagram? Do more followers even matter?
  • Selling artwork: How can you use Instagram to sell works?
  • Best Practices: Presentation of successful accounts
  • What tools and apps can be used to simplify workflow? (AI included)
  • Monitoring and analysis: how to define success on Instagram and which metrics are important?
  • Q&A: participants can ask questions and share their experiences.

About the speaker
Dani Terbu is an independent social media consultant since 2010. She has loved the social web since 2005 and is passionate about working for and with businesses to advance them on the social web. She loves trends, but doesn't chase them and enjoys founding her own platforms, such as Die Frühstückerinnen in 2010 or recently the online platformKennst Duuu? for elementary school children.