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Ernst Lima (BMKÖS)

Ernst Lima is mentee of Yosi Wanunu

Artist and musician Ernst Lima deals with the coherence of colliding levels of perception between the analog and the digital. Starting from the analog, digital working processes are created into spatial collages of drawings, prints and sound installations. Through this juxtaposition, she establishes a dialogue between media, creating interfaces between resonance and alienation, reality and fiction, photographic observation and subjective interpretation. The visual explorations of fluid body representations are extended into sound installations, referencing vegetative responses of the body.

Her work has been shown in several exhibitions such as Sotheby's Artist Quarterly (Vienna), das weisse haus (Vienna), Parallel Vienna and Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille). In 2021 she received the Start-grant for media art, as well as the Bildrecht Young Artist Award.