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Laura Feller (BMKÖS)

Laura Feller is mentee of Tatia Skirtladze

Laura Feller (*1993 in Graz) lives between Austria and New Zealand and works as an artist and illustrator with a focus on sustainable architecture. In 2021, she completed her architecture studies at the Graz University of Technology. Her master's thesis A Different Spin On Insulation - Illustrated Ideas on Sustainable Retrofitting in New Zealand was written during a one-year research residency at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The thesis combines architecture and illustration with an attempt at an artistic approach to architectural communication and was nominated for the GAD (Graz Architecture Diploma Award) in 2021. During her studies, Laura Feller traveled extensively, including study visits to Estonia and Indonesia.

She works mainly analog with pen and paper and combines line drawings with watercolors. Due to her architectural background, she also enjoys going into space with her art, and so several murals have been created in recent years.

Her illustrations were recently shown at the exhibition We Love Illustration by the
Creative Industries Styria at the designforum Graz.