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Abiona Esther Ojo (Bmkös)

Abiona Esther Ojo is mentee of Lynhan Balabat-Helbock

Abiona Esther Ojo (* in Hellmonsödt, Austria) studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (graduating in 2020) in Sculpture and Spatial Strategies with Monica Bonvicini, Stefanie Seibold, and Iman Issa.

While her practice manifests through and in various media such as photography and textile art, Esther's inspiration is often autobiographical: by looking at her own embodied history, she connects her personal experiences to broader, socially relevant issues. Esther won the Kunsthalle Wien award with her thesis work The Magic is in Every Strand (Die Magie steckt in jeder Strähne), a series of sculptures that invites people to rethink ideas about connection, intimacy, and the individual.