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Hannah Kordes (Bmkös)

Hannah Kordes is mentee of Anna Popelka

Hannah Kordes (*1988 near Bremen/DE)  works as architect with focus on social space projects. Above all, supporting and empowering people and utilizing potential is close to her heart.

In 2011, she collaborated on Saline34 in Erfurt, a socio-cultural beacon. In 2016, she conceived the action mobile Raum_Wagen in Austria, which brings together spaces of possibility and people with ideas to this day. In 2019, she bundled strategies for a more climate-friendly transformation of the city with her PhD thesis Urban Rural Life (Städtisches Landleben). After seven years in Linz, she moved back to her home in Bremerhaven in northern Germany due to the corona pandemic in 2020-2022 and helped activate a vacant lot into a Kreislaufhaus Werk for the common good. Since 2021, she has been freelancing and advocating for more alternatives to traditional spatial development.

Her artistic work has been awarded several grants and prizes and exhibited internationally. She took on a scientific collaboration through teaching assignments, workshops or lectures, among other things. Her work has been published in various publications.