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Marwa Abou Hatab

Marwa Abou Hatab is mentee of Nela Eggenberger.

Marwa Abou Hatab is a researcher and artist living in Vienna. She is currently writing the synopsis for her dissertation under the supervision of Jens Kastner and pursuing her diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 2020, she graduated from the MA Critical Studies program at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies under the supervision of Andreas Spiegl and Veronika Dirnhofer.

Her master thesis explores how the art context and educational discourses enable and produce "third spaces" at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In this vein, the thesis also argues for achieving a similar possibility of "third space" through the legal system of the Academy. These arguments are based on case study and subjective experience. In her diploma she works with the aspect of the "in-between” art mediums; for instance, with photography-drawing, as a method to reflect on "cultural goods", and their value production and reception, in this case the Neidhart Festsaal - Wien Museum 2022.The Dissertation synopsis focuses on the production of art and its socio-political mechanisms.