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Viktoria Morgenstern (Bmkös)

Viktoria Morgenstern is mentee of Cornelia Offergeld

Viktoria Morgenstern (*1989 in Vienna) graduated from the Friedl Kubelka School of Photography in Vienna and then completed her studies in art and photography with Martin Guttmann at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Her work is about translating what she observes, experiences and learns into sculpture: Everything Starts With a Feelingthe title of one of her installations, consisting of sound and drawing. Her preferred material is steel, and so her drawings in space, some designed for indoor, some for outdoor use, are created with the use of the welding machine. The line plays a leading role in her objectsutopian bodies as the artist calls them; colors also have special connotations for Morgenstern and so she creates a vocabulary of shapes and shades.