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Anna Breit | Bmkös

Anna Breit is mentee of Felix Hoffmann

Anna Breit is a photographer from Vienna, and she operates at the intersection of artistic photography and documentary photography, playing with the dissolution of these boundaries in her work.

In April 2021, she published her first photo book titled Teens (in their rooms) with the Fotohof publishing house, which garnered international attention. Her works have been exhibited in venues such as the WestLicht Gallery and Fotohof Salzburg, as well as as part of the Visage d'Europe in Paris and at international fairs like Unseen Amsterdam. Anna Breit's photographs have been featured in prestigious publications like Vogue Italia, Volkskrant NL, and Greif. Currently, Anna Breit is represented by the OstLicht Gallery in Vienna. She resides and works between Vienna and Paris.

In addition to her work as a photographer, Anna Breit is a co-founder of the event series Sniffin' Glue, which provides a platform for Wave and Post Punk.