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Anna-Maria Jäger | Bmkös

Anna-Maria Jäger is mentee of Ingrid Holzschuh

Anna-Maria Jäger, *1992, studied architecture and design at the Graz University of Technology, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Iceland Academy of Arts. Her diploma thesis Model Project Rösselmühle - Principles for a Regenerative Urban Development with Equal Opportunities in Gries deals with the social relevance of the Rösselmühle in Graz and outlines the path of an actor-oriented and process-oriented planning culture based on a reprogramming of the existing. The work was awarded during the GAD Awards 2023. 

Anna-Maria Jäger has worked in various architectural offices in Zurich, Vienna and Graz and is co-founder of the collective wohnlabor. She is interested in researching, designing and creating diverse living and urban spaces and the associated social, ecological and architectural implications. She lives and works in Graz.