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Emma Hummerhielm Carlén

Emma Hummerhielm Carlén is mentee of Angela Stief

Emma Hummerhielm Carlén, * 1991 in Stockholm, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Heimo Zobernig and Nora Schultz and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. She is currently teaching sculpture at the University of Arts Linz.

Her work has recently been shown in exhibitions at SKF Konstnärshuset (Stockholm, 2023), KS Room (Feldbach, 2023) and Casa Lü (Mexico City, 2022), among others. 

Carlén´s sculptural practice involves space, cardboard, fridge, Text, photographic evidence, tape, frames framing nothing and sometimes something, plaster, untamed footage, (being the) box, wrapping, mass, tilted objects, holes.