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Michael Amadeus Reindel

Michael Amadeus Reindel is mentee of Alexandra Grausam

Michael Amadeus Reindel, * in 1993, spent his childhood between the Bavarian Vogtland highway triangle and a disused gravel quarry, which is part of the European Natura2000 network. In 2020, Amazon built a logistics center in close proximity. Connected by a highway axis, the global organizational logic of the company is now directly related to the artist's biography and his sculptures.

In his practice, he situates abstract and elusive academic discourses about global value creation, ecology, and supply chains in the surrounding landscape and the infrastructural reality of his childhood home. Within this framework, existing sculptures are repeatedly dismantled, transformed, and reassembled. Together with his mother, he packs sculptures in Amazon's packaging, performs in its logistics center, and experiments with changing collaborations, materials, and strategies for a post-carbon society.