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Simon Nagy

Simon Nagy is mentee of Gudrun Ratzinger

Simon Nagy works in the context of various collectives in the fields of art, literature, and critical knowledge production in Vienna. He writes essays, collaborates with young people on queer feminist and historical-political topics, and creates films, exhibitions, and educational materials.

Simon Nagy is a board member of trafo.K, an office for art education and critical knowledge production. Together with Lia Sudermann, he produces dialogical essay films, including the award-winning short film Invisible Hands. He is part of the artist group Schandwache, which fights against the Karl Lueger monument and anti-Semitic continuities in the urban space of Vienna through the intertwining of artistic and activist strategies. Along with Raphaela Edelbauer, he co-founded the Pataphysical Society Vienna, generating texts in collaborative settings that engage with, extend, or critique artistic works.