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inter, trans*, non-binary, no declaration ... How can we change structural discrimination?

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    An event hosted by the Coordination Office for the Advancement of Women I Gender Studies I Diversity and the Student Welcome Center.

    With this two-day colloquium (with workshops, lectures, film screening, and panel discussion), we ask about forms of action, relationships, and practices that expose and combat discrimination against trans*, inter, and non-binary people in the university system. In doing so, we want to take up feedback from trans*, inter, and non-binary students who draw attention to discrimination they experience in everyday university life. These experiences prompt us to look again at how power structures are used to stigmatize and exclude certain groups of people. By analytically breaking down the gender binary, we do not want to contradict the advancement of women, but rather do justice to the social reality of gender diversity. For all actors involved, recognizing this reality means critically reflecting on work routines and organizational processes, expanding their knowledge, and participating in changes. The lecture and the workshops will open up different spaces for discussion.

    We invite all staff and students of the Academy, but also all those interested in this topic, to think together with experts, artists, representatives of the Ombud for Equal Treatment, the Platform Intersex, and the director of the film "Feminism - WTF" about how reality can be shaped that is informed and sensitive to gender diversity. On a linguistic, factual and artistic level, we would like to ask very specifically: Where do we see spaces for action (play) in the environment of the academy?

    The colloquium was conceived by Ingrid Schacherl in cooperation with the Student Welcome Center/Project Platform Diversity.


    Wed, October 4th

    12–16 h

    Lau Lukkarila: Hold your ache to my ache: movement practice
    Performanceroom, STS 21a, Souterrain

    17h–19.30 h

    Opening VR Ingeborg Erhart
    Followed by Lecture with Workshop
    Anna Campbell and Jill H. Casid: FROM THE SERIES Public Sex / Public Gender: Art & Autonomy
    Moderation: Prof. Marina Grzinic
    M13a, Mezzanin

    Thu, October 5th

    10–14 h

    Magdalena Klein (VIMÖ): Gender Diversity
    Workshop for first-year students
    Conference room EG, Schillerplatz

    10–13 h

    Oke Fijal: Workshop for non-binary students and (future) allies
    M13a, Mezzanin. Schillerplatz

    15–18 h

    Ruth Jenrbekova: The Dream Machine and the Magic Closet: Queerness, Archiving, and the Art of Resistance
    M13a, Mezzanin, Schillerplatz

    19 h

    Film-Screening at Stadtkino: Feminism WTF from Katharina Mückstein
    followed by a panel discussion with:
    Iris Blauensteiner (Film-maker)
    Persson Perry Baumgartinger (contribution to the film)
    Sandra Konstatzky (Ombud for Equal Treatment)
    Mart Enzendorfer (Platform Intersex)
    Moderation: Ingrid Schacherl

    Important Information for Students: The colloquium overall attendance is graded as part of the workshop A2/IBK/Grzinic (2 ECTS).

    Special thanks to Marianne Eberl (Assistant), Christina Fasching and Val Holfeld (Student Welcome Center), Marina Grzinic (Studio for Post-Conceptual Art Practices), Wiktoria Pelzer (Stadtkino), Ruby Sircar (Studio Contextual Painting), to the contributors, the NGOs involved, and the Rectorate of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.