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rewind the script to | minilesson one

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Organisational Units
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Aula, Demonstrationsraum
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Main Building
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna

Opening Hours: daily from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., free admission

15 January 2008, 7 pm
minilesson one in conversation with Anette Baldauf, sociologist, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

"Rewind the script to" introduces a section of the ongoing research project about labour and learning activities within advanced capitalist society by the artists’ group minilesson one. Taking as its starting point the striking context offered by Vienna`s Minopolis, a children’s activity centre established in 2005 by a Real Estate Development and Investment company, their project inquiries into the increasing separation between work and leisure from the perspective of  “Europe’s first and only city for children”. As an entertainment park for children aged 6-12, here these can have an insight of adults’ jobs market in exercising a variety of professional roles in exchange of which they earn some “Eurolinos” (little Euros).

In the framework of the Demoraum exhibitions programme, Minopolis’s model turns into a text touching upon the ambivalent
 situation of the creative worker. "Rewind the script to" takes the form of a multi-channel audio-installation presenting recordings from Minopolis which are superimposed by critical discussions and fictional descriptions. The script’s exemplary dramaturgy is performed, among others, by Minopolis’ paying costumers, i.e. the children becoming actors. Its fragmentary narrative is represented by multiple voices that, going beyond a merely documentary portrait of Minopolis, expose and rewrite processes inscribed in the concepts of labour, learning and creativity. The work will be also broadcasted on radio Orange 94.0 on Tuesday, 22 January, 5.30 pm - 6 pm, in the context of the exhibition, a decision emphasizing the use of spoken word stretching beyond the Academy’s boundaries but revisiting also an exhibition design by architects group "Archizoom" made in reaction to a preset display box in "The New Domestic Landscape", an exhibition held in 1972 at MoMA, New York. (DB)

Speakers: Heilwig Pfanzelter , Chris Standfest