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Stories of Traumatic Pasts: Counter-Archives for Future Memories

Event Label
Exhibition duration
Organisational Units
Location Description
Weltmuseum Wien, Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien

Exhibition within the framework of the research project Genealogy of Amnesia .
Curated by: Marina Gržinić, Christina Jauernik, and Sophie Uitz

The works in this international group exhibition tackle the politics of silence and genealogies of forgetting of colonialism, anti-Semitism, and turbo-nationalism in Belgium, Austria, and the former Yugoslavia. The exhibition takes a critical look at these three European regions, their histories, and their current experiences of collective amnesia in relation to traumatic pasts. The positions shown are interventions aimed at the present and the future and form counter-narratives against forgetting. Stories of Traumatic Pasts is the result of the FWF research project Genealogy of Amnesia at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Video 7.10.2020 Opening

Video 8.10.2020 Symposium

Video Trailer-teaser of the exhibition in Weltmuseum Wien

Artistic positions
Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe
Lana Čmajčanin and Adela Jušić
Bojan Djordjev and Siniša Ilić
Dani Gal
Martin Krenn
Monique Mbeka Phoba
Anja Salomonowitz
Joëlle Sambi Nzeba and Nicolas Pommier
Arye Wachsmuth
Valerie Wolf Gang

Project leader
Marina Gržinić

Exhibition design
Marina Gržinić
Christina Jauernik
Sophie Uitz

Exhibition architects

Exhibition assistance
Iklim Dogan
Mika Maruyama
Jovita Pristovsek

Press and Publicity
Nina Auinger-Sutterlüty
Sarah Aistleitner
Claudia Kaiser
Michaela Zach