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Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021

Organisational Units
Location Description
Kunsthalle Wien
Museumsplatz 1
1070 Wien

Kunsthalle Wien Prize is a cooperation of Kunsthalle Wien with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of Applied Arts Vienna

The admission is free.

In order to keep you and our staff healthy, we ask you to follow the recent hygiene and safety requirements of Kunsthalle Wien.
Curator: Anne Faucheret

Artists : Diana Barbosa Gil, Cho Beom-Seok, Jojo Gronostay, Ani Gurashvili, Lukas Kaufmann, Nora Severios, Anna Spanlang (with textile sculptures by Sunny Pfalzer), Chin Tsao

Display by Julia Hohenwarter

For the first time, the exhibition showcasing the winners of the Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021 will take the form of a group presentation, gathering eight artists, who graduated last year either from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna or the University of Applied Arts Vienna: Anna Spanlang and Diana Barbosa Gil – winners of the first prize – as well as Cho Beom-Seok , Jojo Gronostay , Ani Gurashvili , Lukas Kaufmann , Nora Severios , and Chin Tsao .

The prize exhibition has been extended to a larger selection of artists in order to represent a wider spectrum of artistic positions among the graduates of both art academies. The new format privileges the many over the few and the collective over the individual.

The 2021 Kunsthalle Wien Prize is realized with the kind and generous support of the d+g bogner-stiftung and Dekotrend .