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There is no option ?

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Organisational Units
Location Description
Institut für höhere Studien
Palais Strozzi
Josefstädterstraße 39
1080 Vienna

An exhibition at the Institute for Advanced Studies in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna curated by Veronika Dirnhofer, Head of the Studio Drawing,.

The exhibition shows positions of three young artists of the Studio Drawing, who all primarily use drawing, graphics and painting to develop their works. The title of the exhibition There is no option ? is meant to suggest the space between an assertion and a question, in terms of change, transformation, responsibility in relation to climate crisis and social order. A dilemma that each and every one of us perceives every day and yet sometimes remains in a rigid persistence. Artistic activity in this environment possesses the power of imagination, openness, ambivalence and humor. Art can thereby process, challenge and reflect the present and reality in a roundabout way and with a different language.

Stefanie Hintersteiner works with abstract gestures and transforms them modularly and processually into multilayered prints. She engages with the unconscious with great technical experience.

Mariella Lehner's feminist and socio-political based works depict relationships between people and their environment and the complexity and and contradictions associated with them.

Marc Truckenbrodt's works on paper deal with his immediate environment and the narratives, fictional characters and images that arise from it.