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IKA Master Theses, IBK Finals Theses, Master in Critical Studies

Organisational Units
Art and Architecture, Fine Arts, Art Theory and Cultural Studies
Location Venue (1)
Studio Building
Location Address (1)
Lehárgasse 8
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1060 Vienna
Location Room (1)
2. floor, Multi-Purpose Space

Presentation of the final projects of the Institute for Art and Architecture, the Institute for Fine Arts and the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies.


Illinca Urziceanu 
Kathi Eder
Christina Ehrmann  
Ferdinand Klopfer 
Yelana Makutsay
Prima Mathawabhan 
Tringa Metushi


Arbi Jaballah 
Sigrid Mau Thomsen 

Master in Critical Studies

Anna Barbieri