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Open Days 2023

Event Label
Open Days
Organisational Units
Location Description
All Academy Locations

Opening hours*:
Thursday, 19.1., 16-24 h
Friday, 20.1., 11-22 h
Saturday, 21.1., 11-22 h
Sunday, 22.1., 11-18 h

Please scroll down for the detailed program!

Institutes will open their atelier doors and studios, and performances, discussions and educational programs are offered. The annual Academy Auction will also take place as part of the tour, for which world-famous and even lesser-known artists will make works available for auction.


Paintings Gallery, Exhibit Gallery, Exhibit Studio, Institute for Art and Architecture, Institute for Fine Arts, Insitute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, University Library
1010 Vienna, Schillerplatz 3

Studio Building
Institute for Art and Architecture (Scenography), Institute for Fine Arts
1060 Vienna, Lehárgasse 8

Sculpture studios
Institute for Fine Arts
1020 Vienna, Kurzbauergasse 9

Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
1010 Vienna, Eschenbachgasse 11, corner Getreidemarkt

Institute for Education in the Arts
1070 Vienna, Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3
(open: Thu and Fri)

Institute for Conservation – Restoration, Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Art
1090 Vienna, Augasse 2-6
(open: see programme info)

* Special opening hours

Paintings Gallery:
Free admission only at the specified times
Thur., 19.1., 10–22 h, free entry 16–22 h
Fri, 20.1., 10–18 h
Sat, 21.1., 10–20 h, free entry 18–20 h
Sun, 22.1., 10–18 h

Exhibit Gallery, Exhibit Studio, Exhibit Eschenbachgasse:
Thur, 19.1., 10–22 h
Fri, 20.1., 10–20 h
Sat, 21.1., 10–20 h
Sun, 22.1., 10–18 h

Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse (IKL)
Thur., 19.1., 16–20 h
Fri., 20.1., 10–22 h
Sat., 21.1., 10–20 h

Augasse (INTK, IKR)
Fri., 20.1., 15:30-18:30 h
Sat., 21.1., 17 h
Sun., 22.1., 14 h

List of entries

  • The Guest part 1

    Performance by Max Landegren
    Studio for Expanded Pictorial Space-Action/Sculpture/Installation

    Studio Building
    Lehárgasse 8
    1060 Vienna
    EG nord

    Fine Arts

  • Guided Tour

    Exhibit Studio

    Exhibit Studio Coordinators Christian Azzouni and Olga Shapovalova give a tour through their current exhibition I can (not) handle this.


    Exhibit Studio


    Studio for Video and Video Installation followed by Q+A (Dorit Margreiter)


    Studio Building/ studio north

    Fine Arts

  • Augasse/ Foyer, 0.2.3

    Conservation – Restoration

    In a historic hall with ceiling and wall paintings, a rolling orange scaffold stands in the middle of the room; a student is working on it. In the background on the wall you can see three more female students, one of them is standing on a ladder in a window alcove.
  • Performance platform by students of the Sculpture and Installation studio

    The students of Nora Schultz warmly invite you to our platform for showing and receiving.  


    Sculpture Studios/ Project room 2, 104

    Fine Arts

  • Hut und Suppe

    Soup, Stew and Discussion in Public Space (1 pot / Felix Kofler)
    Initiated by Julia Haugeneder and Simon Nagy

    KUNSTZELLE, MQ Wien, Vorplatz, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

    Art Theory and Cultural Studies

    Eine Telefonzelle mit Aufdruck “Kunstzelle” steht am Vorplatz des Museumsquartiers. Sie trägt einen großen lila Hut, der ihr mit einem Fotobearbeitungsprogramm aufgesetzt wurde.
  • Video Super Fun

    Contextual Painting students present latest videos, films and performances - between queer post-porn, splatter and dark.

    Filmscreening and Performance

    Schillerplatz/ Anatomy Hall

    Fine Arts

  • The sea room

    Performance by Tabea Briggs, Luiza Furtado, Ziliia Kanchurina, André Rachadel, Daniel Sea, Seul A Shin at the Paintings Gallery as part of the Rundgang 2023


    Paintings Gallery

  • Monitor (treu stets an deiner Seite, usw.)

    Performance by Emil Borgeest, Scenography

    Studio Building/ 3. floor, gallery

    Art and Architecture

  • joint warm up

    Performanceabend des Fachbereichs Performative Kunst

    Schillerplatz/ Aula

    Fine Arts