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Reading by Anne Schmidt: Me after two anal orgasms

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Reading (German)
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Kunsthalle Wien
1040 Vienna

The artist Anne Schmidt will read an excerpt from her first published novel, Me after two anal orgasms (2023), in the context of the exhibiton Come as You Are. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2023.

This program is free of charge and no prior registration is needed. The reading will be held in German.

During the time I was writing this book, my psychologist classified my condition, which I thought was great love, as mania and sent me to the emergency room for appropriate medication. In the treatment room, I was completely convinced with my handwritten, illustrated, pornographic novel as the fulfillment of meaning in life. My enthusiasm for writing was so impressive that the two attending physicians momentarily forgot my diagnosis and believed me. Their eyes flashed with a pang of envy over me being the one who managed to answer the burning question, “And why all this?“ without batting an eye: write a romance novel. Therefore.

Anne Schmidt: Me after two anal orgasms (2023) Edition 502, Berlin

Anne Schmidt (*1990) is an artist who lives and works in Vienna. When she became weary of producing art, studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the infrastructures of art, she embarked on a self-experiment to stop being an artist. In her analysis of the strategies of escapism, she deals with social images of longing, normative illusions and mental states such as depression, vacation, love, sex, mania, intoxication, addiction, ego dystonia, laziness and work. She records the results of her artistic research in her auto-fictional novel.