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Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Venue (1)
Studio Building
Location Address (1)
Lehárgasse 8
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1060 Vienna
Location Room (1)
2. floor, Multi-Purpose Space

Screening with Q+A:
Thu, 18.1.2024, 17 h (Block 1) & 19 h (Block 2)
Fri, 19.1.2024, 17 h (Block 1) & 19 h (Block 2)
Sat, 20.1.2024, 17 h (block 1) & 19 h (block 2)

Program duration approx. 1 hour each

Screening with works by Benedikt Franz Werth, Bernhard Schießl, Iklim Dogan, Lennart Hüper, Luise Müller, Mafalda Rakoš and Stefan Koutzev. Students of the studio Art and Time | Film, Institute of Fine Arts and Szenography, Institute for Art and Architecture.
Q+A sessions in the presence of the filmmakers and artists every day at 5 pm and 7 pm.

The screening will run in a loop during the opening hours of the Atelierhaus. The loop starts at the beginning of the opening hours (Thu, 18.1. from 17 h; Fri, 19.1. from 11 h, Sat. & Sun., 20.&21.1.from 14 h).

Block 1
Ausgangslage (Diplom, Teaser), Luise Müller, 4min., 2024
In clear, austere words, N. talks about growing up in the violent structures of his family. And about the little he knows from before. The things that nobody talked about.

Die Auseinandersetzung (Diplom), Benedikt Franz Werth, 30min, deutsch, engl. subs, AT 2023 
Rebecca and Lukas are a couple. They share their routines and a flat. But they keep their respective longings and abysses to themselves.
What happens when one does come to light? How does one deal with the feeling of being hemmed in by the other's presence? "The Interference“ illuminates a couple in their everyday lives, trying to find out how much a relationship is about simply putting up with and enduring the other. The protagonists are more concerned with themselves than with each other, until suddenly there is a break. There seems to be no way around a real confrontation.

In collaboration with Theresa Kraus, Rebecca Rosa Liebing, Lukas Gander, Ruth Erharter, Gabriel Monthaler, Leo Haas, Clara Gruber, Anna Hirschmann, Benjamin Hassmann, Julia Posch und Levin Hofmann

Ruins talking back, Iklim Dogan (Diplom), 20 min, en, 2024
Ruins talking back searches remaining traces of the denunciated ruins and dislocated stones of the Armenian past in Anatolia. Accompanied by a train journey, the film associates the fragmented stories of the Armenians who were deported in 1915 with today's psycho-social reading of Turkey, and discusses architecture’s impact on spatial violence, dispossession and erasure.

Block 2

Requisit, Stefan Koutzev (Erasmus - KHM Köln)  / 14’55” / DE / 2023 / Kurzspielfilm / Farbe 16:9 / Stereo / Deutsch + engl. UT
Buch & Regie: Stefan Koutzev
DoP: Bernard Mescherowsky

Luta and Val are subservient to the voices of the theater. During their rehearsal, it only seems that the backstage could be a refuge from the absurd everyday life of the director and his entourage. For right here on the fringes, beyond the staged backdrop, the supposedly private is a second drama in costume and the role increasingly one with no prospect of escape.
Cast: Philine Reimer, Finn-Morten Tristan Schuy, Viktoria Gurina, Bernard Mescherowsky, John Bergerhausen
Written & directed by: Stefan Koutzev
DoP: Bernard Mescherowsky

Zugvogel, Bernhard Schießl, 4min., deutsch, AT 2023
Zugvogel is a documentary short film that offers a glimpse into the daily life of the filmmaker's grandmother—a solitary woman residing in the Upper Austrian countryside.

Row 6, Bidzina Gogiberidze & Lennart Hüper , 24min, geo/engl. sub
When war broke out between Russia and Georgia in 2008, more than 30,000 Georgians were displaced from the province of South Ossetia. Separated by Russian troops since then, the film offers rare glimpses of life in deadlock. Kids play ball and pass their time, while their parents – some also kept apart – wait to return home. The film finds its pictures in the in-between: nobody here seems to be at the right place at the right time, while life goes on. A film like a neverhealing wound. (Gunnar Landsgesell)
Premiere at Viennale 2022, screening at Diagonale 23 and IndieCork 23, among others.

Stop & Go, The Odyssey Chapter, Mafalda Rako, 23min, engl./frz./BKS, engl. subs, 2023
In Stop & Go, Mafalda Rakoš takes on the role of a hitchhiker to talk to strangers in the intimate surroundings of their cars. The Odyssey Chapter follows a journey of several days from Ithaca, home of the famous Odysseus, to Vienna, home of the artist. Through extensive conversations with randomly selected people, the artist attempts to capture a picture of our zeitgeist. How do these people navigate through our unsteady, capitalist reality? What image of European society would Odysseus find if he set off on his journey in 2023?