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so brenn’ auch ich (I too am on fire)

Event Label
Organisational Units
Art and Architecture
Location Description
Studio Building, 3. floor
Scenography (light room)
Lehárgasse 6-8
1060 Vienna

Duration: 30 min.

more Perfomance Dates:
18.1. 18 h, 20 h
19.1. 16 h, 17 h
20.1. 18 h, 20 h
21.1. 16 h

Performance by Emil Borgeest from the studio for Scenography.

At the centre of Emil Borgeest's performance so brenn' auch ich is the theatre spotlight with its (perhaps) unexpected potential. The relationships between seeing and not seeing are challenged and examined. Questions are asked about the (im)possibilities of understanding and moments are created in which what is actually dark appears bright. So come and pay the spotlight the tribute it has long deserved. 

The performance will be held in German spoken language.