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Ten exact questions about ten exact secrets

Event Label
Artist Talk
Organisational Units
University Library
Location Address (1)
Schillerplatz 3
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1010 Vienna
Location Room (1)
University Library (Reading room, M7)

Opening hours of the University Library
at Schillerplatz during Rundgang 2024: 
Thu, 18 Jan 2024, 4–8 p.m. 
Fri, 19 Jan 2024, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.

A conversation between the artist and Patrizia Wiesner-Ledermann about the works on display in the A...kademiebibliothek as part of the exhibition Fabian Seiz - Exact Secrets.

In the exhibition Exact Secrets, Fabian Seiz shows objects that stand as reformed and reformulated material witnesses to his collections and orders. Through the expressive movements of cutting, sawing, milling, and gluing, he manifests and layers his memory into the material. The works created in this way refer symbolically and impressively to what is separate from them, to the precisely outlined secrets of thought.

Fabian Seiz 
Born in Vienna in 1975. 1993–1999 studied painting and printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Gunter Damisch. From 2001 three-dimensional works. Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

More information on the exhibition.