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Akbild | Post-Conceptual Art Practices

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Atelierhaus of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Lehárgasse 6-8, A - 1070 Vienna

Gerald Raunig | The Monster Precariat

As is so often the case with the spread and development of new terms, the explosive expansion of the conceptual field of precarity - precarization - precariat (cf. Frassanito Network, "Precarious, Precarization, Precariat?", cf. Angela Mitropoulos, "Precari-Us?") in recent years has led to considerable confusion. It is hardly surprising that in the course of the emergence of the social movement, for which this conceptual field has become the most important reference, there have been different valuations of the central terms again and again, as well as shifts of meaning depending on the social, geographical and temporal context. Even in the mobilization context of the Euromayday movement, an intensive process of exchange has been and is still needed to ensure a reasonably precise differentiation of the conceptual field. And if the Euromayday parades in many European cities in recent years have renewed the resistive practice of May 1st, in the processes that accompany them these parades are not only to be regarded as attempts to politically organize the precarious, but also - both prior to this and beyond it - as information campaigns about issues of precarization, as instruments of collective knowledge production, as militant research into contemporary ways of living and working.

Open to general public.
Languages German/English.

Gerald Raunig

Philosopher, art theoretician, lives in Vienna; works at the eipcp (European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies), Vienna; co-ordinator of the transnational research projects republicart ( , 2002-2005) and transform ( , 2005-2008); university lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy, University of Klagenfurt/A; (co-)editor of two series of books at Turia+Kant, Vienna: "republicart. Kunst und Öffentlichkeit" and "es kommt darauf an. Texte zur Theorie der politischen Praxis"; member of the editorial board of the multilingual webjournal transversal ( ) and the Austrian journal for radical democratic cultural politics, Kulturrisse ( ); numerous lectures, essays and publications in the fields of contemporary philosophy, art theory, political aesthetics and cultural politics.
Recent books: Kunst und Revolution. Künstlerischer Aktivismus im langen 20. Jahrhundert , Wien: Turia+Kant 2005 / Art and Revolution. Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century ( , Los Angeles: Semiotext(e) 2007, publication pending; PUBLICUM. Theorien der Öffentlichkeit , Wien: Turia+Kant 2005 (ed. by Gerald Raunig and Ulf Wuggenig); Kritik der Kreativität , Wien: Turia+Kant 2007 (ed. by Gerald Raunig and Ulf Wuggenig).