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Lecture by Renz van Luxemburg, Eindhoven University, organized by the Institute for Arts and Architecture.

The role of an acoustic consultant is to support and guide the designer to guarantee maximum quality for the client and maximum functionality to the users. The approach of a designer is research oriented (to explore new visions). The acoustic approach is more physics based, where the client wants guaranty (often grounded on proven solutions). So it is obvious every design concept must be balanced to such approaches.

The projects of OMA are the best examples of complex integrated design. In every project the consultants are challenged to come with solutions no one experienced before. As a consequence the design team has to cope with potential disbelief from clients and their advisers. At the same time such disbelief is the best context for new innovative solutions. Participating in this kind of projects requires a great understanding of architecture as well as a flexible and innovative attitude. It is impossible to do consultancy on a high level without scientific research.

Sometimes architectural concepts raise questions that initiate new research. An example is the study of a new parameter to describe the acoustics on a stage of a concert hall for symphonic music. The need for such a parameter came up in relation to the design of the canopy for Casa da Música in Porto.

Examples of OMA projects we worked on with some unconventional architectural and unconventional scenographic solutions will be presented in this lecture. The acoustic approach in these projects was focused on the maximum freedom for the architect and client by controlling the acoustic energy propagation in the hall. This understands deep understanding of acoustics and architecture. The acoustic concepts of the projects will be elucidated.

Professor L.(Renz) C.J. van Luxemburg studied architecture and building physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. After his graduation in 1976 he started his career in architectural acoustics at the Institute for Applied Physics TNO in Delft. From 1980 to 2000 he was responsible for an affiliation between TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology. In this period he was involved in projects like the Music Centre Eindhoven, Grand Palais, Lille, Dutch Embassy in Berlin, McCormick Campus Center Building, IIT, Chicago, etc. He wrote 4 books on building acoustics (Dutch). He participated in many congresses on room acoustics. From 2000 to 2006 he joined DHV. He still is working for DHV as leading professional. He now is managing director of LeveL Acoustics BV a company he shares with the Eindhoven University of Eindhoven ( ). Important activity of Level Acoustics is the organizing of master classes. Current projects are the new Headquarters for CCTV in Beijing (China), Milstein Hall, Cornell University Ithaca New York (US), the new Danish Architecture Museum in Copenhagen (Denmark), Education City in Doha (Qatar), the Stock Exchange Tower in Shenzhen (China), Largo Isarco in Milan (Italy) and Taipei Center for performing Arts in Taipei (Taiwan). He participated in projects of REX: Wyly Theatre in Dallas (in cooperation with OMA), Caltech University in Pasadena California and the Museum Plaza project in Louisville Kentucky all in the US. In Holland he was involved in the design for an extension of the stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam with a new hall (Jonkman and Klinkhamer), a new Opera House in Enschede (Hoogstad), he is involved in the design for the Muziekpaleis in Utrecht (Hertzberger), the renovation of Theatre De Vest in Alkmaar and the design for the Centro de producción de artes escénicas in Molina de Segura. He was responsible for the acoustics of Casa da Musica in Porto, the New City Theatre in Almere (SANAA), the new hall for the city theatre in Eindhoven (En En Architects) and a new Theatre in Portimao (Portugal). He gave guest lectures on acoustics at the Universities in Eindhoven (NL), Gent (B), Mendrisio (S) and Harvard (US). Fall 2007 he taught a course on acoustics at GSD Harvard University, Cambridge Us. He is also full professor architectural acoustics at the faculty of architecture planning and building of the Eindhoven University of technology