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Ruth Kaaserer | Community Garden

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Projektraum 2

Lecure and discussion organized by the Institute for Fine Arts, Performative Art and Sculpture, Univ. Prof. Monica Bonvicini and Textual Sculpture, Univ. Prof. Heimo Zobernig.

Ruth Kaaserer will present her most recent work „Community Garden“ (7,40 min), an audio-slide installation that leads through all four seasons in New York City Community Gardens. She will also present a work in progress, a cinema documentary about 5 female boxers in the US whom she has been following with her camera for several years.

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Ruth Kaaserer, Community Garden, 2005/08

Both works have to do with people who dedicate their time to something they love to do which connects them and at the same time leaves space for themselves.

The lecture will be in english.