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Simon Whetham

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Academie of Fine Arts, Studio Building, Lehárgasse 6-8, 1060 Vienna, Soundstudio

Guest lecture organized by the Institute for Fine Arts, Soundstudio, Franz Pomassl in association with Beba Fink and IKT.

Over the past eight years Simon Whetham [UK] has developed a practice of working with sound recordings as a raw material for composition. These are often environmental sounds he has captured employing a variety of methods and techniques, in order to obtain discrete or obscured sonic phenomena.

More recently, when presenting work in a performance or installation, for him the space and the objects within become instruments to be played.

For the presentation, Simon will explain his methods and motives for working in this way, demonstrate the different microphones and techniques he employs, and also present new working methods developed through his practice over the last 2 years.