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Info meeting online for first year students

Organisational Units
Location Description

The info meeting for first year students offers information on all services the Academy provides for students. Questions will be answered in the Q&A session.


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Short presentations of all services for students at the Academy
  • General study information
  • Information on and support with visa, residence permits, registration
  • Accessible studies

Christina Fasching, Student Welcome Center

  • Psychological counselling for students

Martin Leupold, Human resource development

  • Gender Queer Decolonial Studies

Ingrid Schacherl, Advancement of Women | Gender Studies | Diversity

  • Legal foundations of women promotion / legal discrimination protection

Anna Lena Janowiak, Equal Opportunities Team

  • International Exchange Programs

Eva Bruchmann, International Office

  • Representation of university students

Lars* Kollros, Johannes Rips, Olga Shapovalova, Student Union

  • Questions & Answers session

All participants


Meeting-ID: 399 381 1940
Kenncode: 954322