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Presentation of the selected projects of the Academy | Art | Public Sphere funding program 2021

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Online via Zoom

Students and colleagues will present their selected projects with which the Academy will position itself in public spheres and debates during the year.


The jury consisting of Sabina Sabolović (WHW, Kunsthalle Wien), Katharina Egger (MA7, City of Vienna), Sabeth Buchmann (IKW), Stephanie Damianitsch (Exhibition Management), Johan Hartle, Claudia Kaiser (BFÖ), Lars* Kollros (ÖH), Joonas Lahtinen (IKL), Florian von Berrar (ÖH) has selected six projects that address different types of public.

  • The Bureau Veritas exhibition container opened this week at Schillerplatz. On the initiative of the Studio of Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques, the other studios that are also moving back to Schillerplatz - Drawing, Performing Arts, Contextual Painting, Figurative Painting and Abstract Painting - were each invited to create a week together, as a kind of jingle for the move back.
  • With STATION on stage , Steffi Alte and Simone Bader will present a performative program with students and young graduates of the Academy starting at the end of May. A sculpture by Bartholomäus Kinner and Samuel Seger on the traffic island at Schwarzenbergplatz will serve as the "stage".
  • In her installation work Das Fotostudio , Lisa Großkopf temporarily transforms shop windows of vacant business premises into supposed photo studios and uses this stage to cross current gender and family clichés.
  • The is a virtual exhibition space for networking real and virtual publics - a virtual bar presenting, mediating and receiving art. Karolina Gruschka and Sasha Pirker investigate how an art space can be created in virtual space.
  • With warmth gathers us | creating and activating a common ground Tabea Marshall and Anna Paul explore a field in Schwechat through artistic interventions and will build sculptures there with existing materials that have a function like that of a stove, frame the field and also represent meeting points that will be made accessible to the public.
  • In the artistic and participatory project The Future of the City - How Do You Want to Live? students, teaching staff and interested city residents develop an urban utopia. The project deals with the potential and future of a large vacant Viennese site and negotiates perspectives and possibilities for a sustainable and future city.

We are pleased to present you with these projects also the start of this new focus Academy | Art | Public Sphere.