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Conversations - Talking to Anna Daučíková

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Vienna Secession
Friedrichstraße 12
1010 Vienna
(Meeting point in the foyer of the Secession)

The new Conversations program is intended to bring students and employees of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna into conversation with artists who are showing an exhibition in the city that goes hand in hand with key topics of the Academy.

At the first event in this series, non-binarity will be discussed.

Anna Daučíková, pioneer of feminist-queer art in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, invites to a workshop in her exhibition at the Secession. Following an exhibition tour, Daučíková will talk with students and staff of the academy, which sees itself as a non-binary university, about her concept of the “mental body” and the method of conveying and negotiating in dialogue of gestures the “in-betweenness” that characterizes her transgender identity tested in the work Talking to You. Curator Jeanette Pacher and Ingeborg Erhart, Vice Rector for Art and Teaching, are pleased to accompany the event.

Conversations is an initiative of Ingeborg Erhart, Vice Rector for Art and Teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Due to the limited number of participants, we are requesting registration by 21 October, 12.00 noon, at

The talk will take place in English. Admission for students 1.50 Euros.