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Discover OpenGLAM - and how to deal with data easier for me!

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Info Event
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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University Library (Reading room, M7)

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An information event by and with Sylvia Petrovic-Majer,
Made possible by the Knowledge Transfer Center, together with the University library and in cooperation with the project Digital Didactics in Art Education of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Since the beginning of the digital transformation process, there have always been new social and cultural challenges to overcome. One of the challenges is how we deal with data and the advantages and disadvantages of dealing with it in an open or closed manner. Some people are probably familiar with OPENNESS in data and code from the OPEN SOURCE movement. But which other data worlds are addressed by the OPENNESS movement? OpenGLAM is essentially concerned with data relating to galleries, libraries, archives and museums, but it also makes an important contribution to the development of "memory institutions" and in mediation, thereby significantly supporting human knowledge. More details can be found at:

The following topics will be discussed at the information event, followed by a discussion with the speaker:

  • How can I find my way around Open GLAM?
  • What opportunities are there for me to use the current structures?
  • What are the prerequisites for participating in these data worlds for me as an artist and artistic researcher?

We will also bring you a practical example from the Academy and present the "didae" project (
A practical approach will also shed light on how OpenGLAM can be used and what added value it has for a culture of use and social development.

Information about Sylvia Petrovic-Majer
As the founder of, Sylvia has been actively interested and involved in the digital transformation process of cultural heritage since 2013. As a bridge builder between science & research, technology and cultural heritage, she specializes in the moderation of (working) groups, development of strategies and concepts and innovation processes. Art of Hosting has been her toolkit and basis since the beginning, combining additional specializations in Art of Harvesting and Flow Game with the Scrum Master and Project Owner of agile project management. Her motivation is to create a future worth living by bringing people together, which is why her outreach projects and activities are dedicated to Future Skills. Community management, participation, policy making and citizen science characterize their activities and projects in order to bring as many people as possible along for the ride.