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MUSMIG - Museum of Migration

Event Label
Talk | Performance | Music
Organisational Units
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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WIENWOCHE is a project financed by the City of Vienna that takes place between 15 September and 24 September 2023.

A project initiated by the WIENWOCHE 2023. Artistic director Jelena Micić and co-curator Denise Palmieri invite Elena Messner, Ljubomir Bratić & Gabriela Urrutia Reyes to the auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where MUSMIG will be located for the first time.

For an entire joyful day, over thirty people from the arts, academia, and activism will engage in performances, lectures, manifestos, conversations, and songs to ask how its present and future can be sustainably shaped.

There is no question that MUSMIG is needed, because MUSMIG is the blind spot of traditional museums, the thorn in the flesh of nation-state institutions. MUSMIG is the gap that comes into the world performatively, the utopia that is only realized in the act of speaking, in the argument and in the celebration. MUSMIGrepresents an activist force that gives strength and energy to art and science. MUSMIG represents a loud reverberation, captured by the museum's own radio, hosted by Radio Orange. MUSMIG is the open question of whether it is even possible to think of a migrant subject that has as many rights as a state or an individual – and what this will mean for questions of curating in museums. MUSMIG is an attempt at migrant self-historicization. It is the search for a positioning of public institutions in the face of global wars, climate catastrophes, and the capitalist exploitation of people and nature, and the assertion of a relevant corrective to debates purely driven by identity-politics. MUSMIG, this is an explosive moment in which the view of history and culture restricted by national borders is shattered and the right to equality – in the museum as well as outside – is collectively demanded.

Participants: Aleksandra Panek, Alice Fehrer, Andreas Görg, Andrea Vezga Acevedo, Anna Leder, Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur, Construction Choir Collective, Deniz Güvensoy, Elena Messner, Fiona Steinert, Gabriela Urrutia Reyes, Georg Kö, Gizem Gerdan, Handan Özbas, Irene Lucas, Regina Wonisch, Peter Melichar, Jelena Micić, Katarzyna Winiecka, Kathrin Herm, Lia Kastiyo-Spinósa, Lisa Bolyos, Ljubomir Bratić, MA16, Mariama Nzinga Diallo, MIGRAZINE, Natalie Deewan, Oluchukwu Akusinanwa (aka LoveMore), Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Radio MUSMIG hosted by Orange 94.0, Radostina Patulova, Renate Oblak, Robert Foltin, Rubia Salgado, Ruby Jana Sircar, Stefan Nussbaumer, Topoke, Vlatka Frketić, Yoyo Sounds, Zuzana Ernst