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Our images, our right, our income

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Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Nude Hall

Lecture by Peter Gumpinger. Organized by the Knowledge Transfer Center of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in cooperation with Bildrecht - - Society for the Administration of Visual Rights.

As artists and creative professionals, we create copyrighted works. According to copyright law, these may be used in certain cases without our consent. For this we are entitled to money. This money comes from lump-sum royalties for the use of our works. It is distributed by the collecting society Bildrecht. Bildrecht employee Peter Gumpinger informs us first-hand how easy it is for us to get our free Bildrecht membership and our money. And what other advantages and future income opportunities we can secure with it. For example, remuneration for the presence of our works in social media. He will also explain how copyright protection and the desire of artists for broad publicity of their works can be reconciled and why, especially against the background of social media, metaverse and artificial intelligence, a solidary union of all image authors is needed. 

About Bildrecht

Bildrecht is the Austrian collecting society for all creators of images in Austria. It represents the copyright of artists vis-à-vis public and private bodies in order to obtain remuneration for the benefit of artists. On behalf of its members in Austria and internationally, Bildrecht primarily exercises those collective rights that cannot be exercised individually by artists for legal reasons. Bildrecht thus contributes to an appropriate balance of interests between female artists and their partners in cultural institutions and business.