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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes place at many points in the Academy's international agendas. The Erasmus Programme has its own mechanisms for the exchange of individuals for learning and teaching purposes, which are laid down in the Erasmus Charter. The Academy implements these regulations and the monitoring for all mobility programmes.

In addition, the Mobility Coordinators for International Exchange review the academic progress and artistic quality of all applications and potential participants in international exchange programmes. They are an important advisory body for the International Office and, together with the heads of the Curricula Commissions, set the standards for quality assurance in international mobility.

Institut für bildende Kunst


Mag. Philip Patkowitsch
T +43(1)58816-6212

Dr.phil. Ruby Jana Sircar


Mag. Michael Höpfner
T +43(1)58816-6114


Mag. Anne Speier
T +43(1)58816-7413

Institut für Konservierung - Restaurierung

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Carolin Bohlmann
T +43(1)58816-8800

Institut für Kunst und Kulturwissenschaften

Dr. Andreas Spiegl
T +43(1)58816-8140

Institut für das künstlerische Lehramt

Mag. Dr. Ing. Johannes Köck
T +43(1)58816-9314

Institut für Kunst und Architektur/Bühnengestaltung

Mag. Jasmin Julia Hammer
T +43(1)58816-5413

Mag. Daniela Herold
Kunst und Architektur
T +43(1)58816-5113

Selection criteria for students applying for one of the mobility programmes

  • Fulfilment of all participation requirements according to the guidelines applicable to the respective mobility programme
  • Artistic and professional quality (portfolio and study progress according to Transcript of Records)
  • Completed application documents submitted by the respective deadline
  • Consideration of study semesters already completed


  • An Erasmus+ study exchange can be done several times within a specified maximum timeframe in the course of studies (BA, MA, doctoral and diploma study programmes). This maximum period is 12 months at each level of studies (BA, MA and doctoral studies), and 24 months in the diploma study programme. An Erasmus+ exchange is only possible with the Erasmus+ partner universities of the Academy. Already used-up “mobility months” from the Erasmus+ Programme are taken into consideration.
  • When going abroad, students participating in any of the mobility programmes must have completed at least two semesters of the study programme relevant for the study exchange (so at least the first year of their basic studies must be completed). This means that, when starting their mobility programme, students must have been awarded at least 60 ECTS points.
  • Participants must be registered as regular students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Furthermore, please take note of the following:

  • A study exchange with your country of origin is possible but has the lowest priority in the allocation of study places at the partner universities.

The final decision on whether a student is accepted for a study place rests with the partner universities.

Erasmus+ Traineeships

In the case of Erasmus Traineeships, the qualitative review of the work content as well as the companies is carried out by the heads of the Department or study programme at the Academy who sign the Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

Erasmus+ Monitoring Visits

These visits serve to initiate new cooperation agreements and regularly to evaluate existing partnerships.

Teachers can obtain information from the International Office and, if necessary, send a completed trip application form signed by the head of the institute to the International Office for budgetary approval.